Individual New Made C64 Floppy Labels for 5.25”


Individual new made Commodore 64 floppy labels for 5.25”! Two sizes and 36 or 42 pieces on one sheet in mixed colors!

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These are individual new made Commodore 64 floppy labels for 5.25” in mixed colors! For any brand retro floppy, like Parrot, 3M, BASF, and others… Labels are very fancy and perfectly usable. Professional made with plotter on quality self adhesive semi-gloss paper.

Currently there are two sizes available for universal use of any type of floppy disks:

  • smaller labels: 65 × 32 mm
  • bigger labels: 86 × 32 mm

Selling them per sheet, it contains 36/42 pieces! Its easy to use, like in the 80s’ and 90s’… Colors are in the pictures below, but available only in mixed colors.

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Weight 0.10 kg

65 × 32 mm, 86 × 32 mm