Commodore SX64 5.6” Screen Replacement JD567M03 / AT056TN52


SX64 is a really great machine from Commodore. But not the CRT inside! This screen replacement is the best selection for the SX64, particularly if it has a faulty CRT. The JD567M03 / AT056TN52 5.6” LCD screen is a high-quality display with really nice colors!

Shipped with patched CMOS IC on the driver board to get enabled the wonderful S-VIDEO input, selectable with the remote control!

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SX64 a really great machine from Commodore. But not the CRT inside! This screen replacement is the best selection for the SX64, particularly if it has a faulty CRT. The JD567M03 / AT056TN52 5.6” screen LCD is a high-quality display with really nice colors! LCD has an OSD menu, selectable with the remote controller.

For the sale price you will receiving the LCD screen itself with the driver board. RGB input, a short cable harness with psu connector and cvbs RCA, and a remote controller cable also included. By factory default, this LCD has two inputs for video signal: composite and RGB only, the S-VIDEO is not selectable for some reasons. For better results – as always – the S-VIDEO signal with separated luma and chroma is the best input for the Commodore SX64 (of course for the C64, Plus/4 and others are the same!). Every item which ordered from us shipped with patched MX25L4006E cmos IC on the driver board, so this way you can select and use the wonderful S-VIDEO input from the menu! Tested, and working well this feature!

Here are the short technical details:

  • LCD type: JD567M03/AT056TN52 V3
  • driver board: V1.02
  • display size: 5.6” (14.2 cm)
  • aspect ratio 4:3
  • backlight: innolux LED technology
  • brightness: 200±50 cd/m2
  • resolution with RGB input: 640×480
  • viewing angle: 50º (U), 70º (D), 70º (L), 70º (R)
  • lcd outside dimensions: 126.5 mm (W) × 100 mm (H) × 5.7 mm (D)
  • effective viewable display area: 112.9 mm (W) × 84.7 (H)
  • driver board dimensions: 102 mm (W) × 50 mm (H) × 6.8 mm (D)
  • working voltage: DC 9V-15V (typical: 12V)
  • working current: 200mA ±20mA (with DC 12V power supply)
  • typical power consume: 2.4W
  • start time after power: ~2.5s
  • operating temperature: 0ºC ~ 60ºC
  • storage temperature: -20ºC ~ 70ºC
  • relative humidity: 5 ~ 95%

Here are the datasheet with the pinouts and with full specifications. and Amazon discontinued selling this stunning screen, but now you can buy it from us! Anyways of course you can use the LCD for your any device which has s-video signal, composite video or RGB output. Here are two pics about the first testing the LCD with separated luma+chroma ( =S-VIDEO) input signal from a normal C64C mainboard (250469):

You can make from this screen a tiny monitor to your retro computer too.

Please note: some Commodore machine has a lot of chroma signal, which is too high for the driver board. No worries: solder a 300 or 330 ohm resistor to the chroma line for the right solution! This small part included and shipped with the screen, also with the three pins to the corresponding plastic housing to get installed the wonderful S-VIDEO input!

Mounting the screen to a Commdore SX64 is very easy: Thomas Koch made a brilliant display mount with 3D printing technology. You can order the plastic frame here!

Please note: average electrical knowledge and medium soldering skills required for the replacing! After the preparation you can still using of course an external monitor with the bottom connector of the SX64 like before.

Finally here are some pictures from Thomas with installed LCD screen with the plastic mount to a Commodore SX64:

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