DC-DC Buck Converter in TO-3 package for Commodore 1541

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A lot of Commodore 1541 floppy drives are going to faulty cause the heat dissipated from the voltage regulators. Especially then if you put something else to the top of the drive, like books, floppy disks or another 1541… Until this time!

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The Commodore 1541 floppy drive must running quite cool! A lot of drives are going to faulty cause the heat dissipated from the voltage regulators. Especially, then if you put something else to the top of the drive like books, floppy disks or another 1541… The problem comes from the linear regulators inside (placed on the mainboard) which has generates a lot of heat. These parts with TO-3 package is not giving the best performance to the Commodore 1541 floppy drive. The modern TO-220 regulators (like LM7805 or LM7812) with plastic packages are available later have became, so this is why the 1541 made with these oldie TO-3 parts. Until this time…

Decided to make a really authentic looking TO-3 voltage regulator for my floppy drive in two versions: 5V and 12V. Both ones needed to the mainboard. These TO-3 dc-dc buck converters are runs very cool with a lot of output current capacity! Now available for all retro lovers!

A picture from my own Commodore 1541 longboard with installed DC-DC buck converters on the 12V and 5V lines:

The dc-dc buck converter made from high quality SMD parts. Main working chip is the Texas Instruments TPS54232D. The PCB built with many filters for best performance suggested by the IC datasheet. Voltage input maximum is ~26V with up to 2A output current rating! Built in short-circuit and reversed polarity protection for the safety. The circuit provides also thermal shutdown, overvoltage transient protection and output current limiting of course…

The another interested part are the legs: U.S. made machine forged gold plated trough holepins to matching with the original footprint of the old style TO-3 package! The end result are very corresponding: these legs are tight fit in the holes with the hexagon top and it won’t melt off when you are trying to solder to the mainboard!

Tiny specifications of the circuit:

  • input voltage up to 26V
  • output current up to 2A
  • built-in slow start

Please note: DC-DC Buck converter output current rating up to 2A maximum, so you can not use at your VIC-20 mainboard cause not enough the current. Normally TO-3 products, like Motorola MC7812CK are rated to 3A!

Item will shipped with new silicone insulator heatsink.

All items are made 100% handmade and tested well before listed at the shop.

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