Lumafix64 Black Edition for C64


Lumafix64 Black Edition for Commodore C64 machines, both breadbin and C64C. Less vertical stripes on the CRT’s!

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Limited Edition with Black PCB!

Lumafix64 Black Edition panel for Commodore C64 machines, both breadbin and C64C (and not yet for C128!). Same as the normal green version! Originally designed by e5frog at lemon64 forum, but my own version much smaller. This board can remove the frustrating vertical stripes, which caused by the non standard signals from the VIC-II video chip. The stripes can successfully minimalized with the two top trimmer potentiometers (labeled AEC and PHIO). The third one can reduce the color (chroma) signal, which one is very useful for the modern LED tv’s, which has a lot of color…

For installing no soldering skills required, only a screwdriver to open the C64 housing, and safely removing the VIC-II chip. The lumafix64 panel is a sandwich type, please remove first the VIC-II chip (this is your “video card”) from the mainboard, after install the lumafix64 panel to the original place of the chip, and finally the VIC-II. Pay attention for the polarity! That’s all!

Here is an animated gif image from with and without lumafix panel in a normal C64C (mainboard type: 250469, VIC-II type: 8565):

Lumafix64 boards assembled with gold plated DIP connectors and sockets, high quality twelve turns trimmer potentiometers and other hq parts, as always. The boards are compatible with all VIC-II chips, PAL and NTSC, like 6569 (6567) or 8565 (8564) (and with all mainboards: breadbin and C64C)! PCB color: Black!

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