RCA Input Connector Panel for Commodore 1084S P1, D1 and Philips CM8833-II


New, professionally made RCA connector panel which designed for Commodore 1084S and Philips CM8833-II.

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This is a new and professionally made RCA input connector panel which designed for Commodore 1084S (-D1 and -P1 also, but not for 1084!) and for Philips CM8833-II (and not for MK1). Maybe will fit to other type of crt’s!

I have collected some crt’s from these types in the past few years, and thinking about this is the time to change the old silly one and rusty rca panels at the bottom of the crt! A replacement for the original one is hard to find part at this moment, and there is no result with about one year discovering and mailing with many suppliers and manufacturers at China (and the rest of world of course). That’s why born this idea at last X-mas… The final version looks pretty, and working well of course! It’s a solder ‘n’ s-video version! 🙂

Also a good idea this panel instead adding a 4th ugly connector to the original plastic RCA input panel if you would like to pimp your Philips CM8833-II to get working with chroma+luma (=S-VIDEO) signal! From our shop also available the S-Video modding kit for Philips CM8833-II here!

Here are some pics with installed (soldered) panel to the crt mainboard and beside with the original ugly RCA connector.

Shipped with soldered three RCA connectors to the board, and one is separeted (for the non-modded CM8833-II crt’s). Also with three different length stainless steel screw to get the best performance to mounting the panel at the chassis! The panel made from professional green colored pcb with LUMBERG high qualiy RCA connectors, and 0.8mm thickness pre-soldered copper rods for the bottom connectors.

Lastly a picture for comparing the new one with the old OEM, rusty and dirty connector:


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